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As well as these Scotland also receive the funding and grants from the Lottery fund. Netball Scotland have not always received funding from the Lottery, the first time they got funding was in 2003, only 4 years ago. In March 2003 Netball Scotland received £38,470. In sport this is not a lot of money, this money was only enough to support 60 players. This is no where near enough Scotland needs when they have over 150 netball clubs playing recreational netball and 36 clubs playing in the Scottish league. Even if this money was only for national and district players then there would still not be enough as there is an open squad, under 21’s under 19’s and under 16’s. that is 4 teams in each, 8 teams with up to 24 players in each. To support all athletes Scotland would have to receive at least three times the amount they are receiving at present. It is obvious right away that New Zealand receive a lot more funding than Scotland which would result in their team having a lot more money to spend on specialised equipment, more  talented coaches, better training facilities, the opportunities to go away on training camps and extra staff for athletes such as physiotherapist, psychiatrists, dieticians etc

Staff New Zealand can afford to employ

Netball New Zealand can afford to employ extra staff for their athletes due to their vast amount of funding they receive. The staff they have are a coach, assistant coach, manager, physiotherapist, doctor, video analyst, nutritionist, performance co-ordinator and umpire. Whereas Scotland’s netball team only has a coach, manager, umpire and physiotherapist. However Scotland’s physiotherapist is shared between all 4 Scotland teams through all ages. The advantage of New Zealand having an assistant coach is that instead of having only one coach they can go to another one if they are having trouble or problems in their performance rather than going to the same one all the time. Having an assistant coach can boost some performers confidence and result in them having a much better performance on the court. Having a doctor can be a very big advantage as a doctor can spot any illnesses or problems with athletes maybe before the athlete themselves realise. Spotting problems early on can stop them getting any worse and would mean that no one would have to play when not in their optimum condition. This also makes recovery time a lot quicker. New Zealand netball are at a great advantage to be able to have a video analyst on their team. Video analysis is a very effective way of identifying errors or wrong techniques, it is also a good form of feedback to give to the athlete to make them understand better what they are doing wrong or well. Having this visual feedback can maker it clearer to the athlete what is then expected of them next time they perform. With video analysis the athlete does not forget these images and it makes it easer for them to improve on. Nutritionists is another member of staff that the Scottish netball team does not have, as well as being physically fit an athlete has to be healthy and on a balanced diet to get the most out of them, the athletes in the Scotland netball team do not have this strict diet plan and it is basically up to them what they eat, although they may be told off sometimes they don’t have anyone in place to make sure what they are eating is appropriate. This kind of food supervision is needed especially in younger kids as they will not really think about what they should eat, when in development level their healthy bodies should also be being developed as well as their skills. After all you might have an athlete who is extremely talented but doesn’t eat well and the athlete who has a healthy balanced diet would sustain a higher performance level throughout the entire game. A performance co-ordinator is also an advantage when developing athletes as this member of staff can correct any faults straight away before the athletes becomes used to performing the technique wrongly. It is much harder to break an incorrect technique than to teach a correct technique. The above shows how New Zealand netball are already at an advantage to Scotland before they have even played. Funding may not affect the athletes performance directly but it does through what or who the team can afford to buy or hire. Halogen ovens are a great way to aid further weight loss as they cook food in a healthier way for you


Equipment New Zealand can afford

The equipment New Zealand use in their training sessions are different to what Scotland use. New Zealand use balls, cones, hurdles, wobble boards, fit balls, weights and pool sessions. Whereas Scotland only use balls, cones and flash pads. New Zealand can afford this extra equipment as they get so much funding, this gives them an advantage as using hurdles improves their speed and agility. For Scotland to improve their speed and agility they use less obvious ways of training to compensate for not having the equipment. The only time the Scotland team can use the wobble boards is when in the rehabilitation process and as the Scotland physiotherapist only has three for four teams we can not use them for training purposes. Whereas New Zealand use them in their training sessions to improve their ankle strength, they use them by standing on one leg on them and passing balls to others also standing on them. This exercise reduces the amount of sprained ankles occurring in their games, the most common netball injury. It also ensures their passes are accurate as they can not move off the boards. Fit balls are used as part of the New Zealand training sessions  this improves on core stability and the Scottish netball team would also benefit greatly from this if they had fit balls to train with. New Zealand also train with weights and pool sessions these both work on the athletes physique and can also contribute to a much better all round performance on court.

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